Why You Need a Portable Moving and Storage Company for Your Next Move

Portable Moving

While moving typically fails to rank high on a list of fun activities, that doesn’t mean it demands a crippling feeling of dread and gnashing of teeth. Portable moving and storage containers—like those from PODS—are a terrific solution for an effective and relatively easy move. 

The beauty of portable moving containers and portable storage units? Flexibility and peace of mind, which is why they’re a smart option for housing consumers of the 21st century.

Here’s what’s great about portable storage units and why they make sense for those looking for moving and storage solutions, from seekers of local moving containers to renters in need of distant shipping containers.

Flexibility That Fits Your Schedule

This operation works in a manner that you desire—no touching or backing into a corner. The last time you signed up for anything and were asked to commit to a day and time that was best for the operation and not yourself, were you happy?

Probably not, particularly when there are other commitments that may crop up unexpectedly and prevent you from keeping the original commitment. Portable moving companies deliver the containers for you to pack at your own pace (there is no reasonable time commitment to receiving the containers). When you’re done, just call for a pickup.

Cost-Effective Moving Solution

You can do all the packing and loading yourself, which saves some money. Now, those savings make this type of storage more practical for most households. Portable storage containers work well with a local moving or even long distance. 

In general, it’s cheaper than using a regular moving company. You’ll only pay for the moving container and the storage and won’t have to deal with problems like “miles charges” or “extra workers’ fees” anymore.

Safety and Security

Portable moving and storage containers can withstand most weather conditions and are extremely durable so that the items inside the containers don’t get damaged. Most containers also come with strong locks so no one can steal your things.

Also, many companies offer a safe storage space that is regularly checked for activities. The storage space has several security devices, such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and control access, to guarantee your belongings’ security.


Portable moving and storage containers save you time as there are no trips to and from storage facilities. The portability of the container also makes the time of loading it up and packing it more convenient as it will be right outside of your house or business. With less back and forth driving, the process, in general, will take less time.

Reduced Stress

Portable moving services and storage make the process of moving much less stressful. You can take your time packing and loading your belongings into your container, eliminating the need to just throw everything together or be in a hurry. Take your time and load it how you want and when you have time. This will make you much less stressed out because you will be in complete control. 

Ideal for All Types of Moves

Portable moving containers are great for residential moving. They are a good choice for so many reasons. For example, if someone is moving away but the new home isn’t yet ready or if someone is building a new home and just needs a place to keep their stuff. Another example would be somebody who is in the process of scaling down. In this situation the person may need to have somewhere to put their things and the portable moving container will be easy and cost-effective.

In all of these tricky situations, a portable moving and storage company is a great way to go but that doesn’t mean they are only good for residential moving. They also can be used for commercial moving. Businesses can use containers to fit their individual moving needs. You can also use a moving container to get one less thing to worry about for the office move.

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Tips for Using Portable Storage Containers

In order to guarantee you will have a good experience, there are some things you need to do.

Plan ahead to make sure you’re ready to go when the container arrives. Make sure you’ve created a good-sized space for it

Use durable boxes and packing supplies to protect your valuables and do not forget to label each box for easy unpacking. This will also help you know what box contains what so you can check off each box and make sure nothing is left behind. 

Once you’re done packing and it’s time to load, try to use the space effectively. You want to be able to fit everything you can in the container. Organize your boxes carefully to make sure your stuff is safe and necessary items are within easy reach.

With all of the options, flexibility, convenience, security, and savings the whole family can benefit, and what can make happiness? An easy move, of course!